All prices are "Labor Only"     50% deposit on custom work.  $5.00 minimum shop rate. 

Men's and Women's Dress Slacks, Pants & Jeans
Minor Alterations:$10 - $20 Hemming pants (depending on whether they are lined                                   or have cuffs) 
Recutting pants   $25 - 100  Prices may vary from slacks to slacks, depending on                                   the amount of work needed, such as significant weight loss
                               (i.e. high rise, remove pleats, extra large)

Men's / Women's Jackets, Blazers, and Over Coats
Minor Alterations:         $10 - $25      Shorten sleeves      
                                $20 - 75       Take in sides          
  Prices may vary according to amount of work needed.
Major Alterations:         $25 - $100     Men's                    
(re-cutting)                    $20 - $90      Women's               

All prices are for LABOR ONLY
Women's Bridal and Evening Dresses
                         $45 - $100  Shorten silk or any evening dress
                               $45 - $100  Take in bust
                               $35 - $80    Take in waist
                               $20 - $30    Shorten straps
                               $10 - $30    Put in bra cups (does not include the price of cups)

Mending & Repair (We can repair just about anything!)
Zipper Repair or Replacement:       Repairs starting at $10
                                                 $1.25 per inch for zipper replacement

Buttons and other fasteners:         $5 minimum charge (prices may vary according to
                                                 type and cost of fasteners)

Rips, tears in pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. same as above
Clothing:Priced by style, fabric and sewing complexity.
Slip covers:   Priced by style, fabric and sewing complexity.
Pillow Covers:     $16.00 for 14" throw pillow
(Custom sized covers will       $18.00 for 16" throw pillow
vary in price)     $20.00 for 18" throw pillow
$22.00 for 20" throw pillow
Pillow Shams (for bedding)
Standard       $25.00 each
Queen    $30.00 each
King $35.00 each

Custom made Quilts   Priced by style, pattern, fabric, size and complexity.

DRAPERY (priced per panel) / PILLOW SHAMS
(Prices may vary depending on size and fabric pattern matching)
Flat Panels $25.00 Unlined          $50.00 Lined
Rod Pocket $25.00 Unlined    $50.00 Lined
Tab Top       $50,00 to $150.00
Sheers $20.00 per panel
Valances (priced per panel)
Rod Pocket$20.00
Flat with button holes   $30.00
Flat with grommets$50.00

SKIRTS (prices may vary by style, fullness, fabric & lining)
Shorten skirt$20 to $40
Take in waist and hips      $25 to $45
Monogramming:  Priced by alphabet style, complexity of design, & size
Designs:       Priced by complexity of design, type of fabric/garment
One-of-a kind:         We'll do just one item, or hundreds, with price reductions
                                          for multiples